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Pilates opposite arm and leg extension

Pilates icon Pilates

Created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920's, Pilates is a full body exercise method that emphasizes proper alignment, good technique and corrects bad posture. It aims to increase flexibility and strength as well as integrate body and mind. Pilates builds and improves strength without excess bulk, creating a toned body. These exercises can be taught mat based, or assisted with equipment. Pilates is recognized by many leading health professionals to help in the role of injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as complimenting any sports training.

Pilates icon Core Conditioning

This is a strength building class which targets the core whilst using weights, power bags and kettle bells. It’s a strong class not for people with injuries or back weakness. Please discuss before attending.

Yoga iconHatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the yoga most widely taught in the West. Hatha comes from Sanskrit, and means "forceful", although it is often also explained from the Sanskrit terms 'ha' and 'tha' meaning Sun (positive) and Moon (negative). This branch of yoga concentrates on Asana and Pranayama. The focus of the classes is to work with asana (postures) to stretch and strengthen the body and to develop breath awareness and relaxation. Promoting the benefits of yoga by connecting with the breath, mind and body to enjoy a sense of well-being. Improving focus, concentration, posture and flexibility.

Stretch icon Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves is a gentle Pilates inspired workout for the 55+ age group. This class is for all levels/abilities and is designed to improve flexibility, posture and balance - as well as being fun!
Reformer class

Reformer icon Reformer Class

Pilates Reformers are a unique piece of equipment that will enhance your Pilates experience by linking moves and allowing the body to flow freely whilst challenging yourselves against the resistance, allowing the body to work in ways that you may not be able to achieve in a mat based class.

Strala icon Strala Yoga - created by Tara Stiles

Strala is a revolutionary approach which energizes the mind and body, allowing the body to glide and move more freely between exercises. You will feel elevated, calm & relaxed after your class.

What to Wear?

All our classes are performed in bare feet or socks. Our studio has everything you need in your class. You will need to wear comfortable clothing in which you can move easily.


Please contact us direct for bookings and queries, or to discuss which class may be best for you.


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